Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello to the Lobed

A new moth this morning and one I'm glad to see because I've noticed its picture in my moth Bible in the past and thought: well, that's one even I couldn't get wrong. It has an idiosyncratic pattern of pallid colour shaped like an egg-timer or Marilyn Monroe, although in the latter case the comparison ends there. Mind you, this one seems to have two small security staff scurrying about. I can't tell you how many little flies like that come to the trap at the moment. I don't know why the Double Lobed hasn't been here before as it's apparently common. However, the book lays it on thick about how much it likes damp places and Leeds definitely qualifies in that respect at the moment.

I've posted a lot about the Peppered Moth in the past and you can spend all day Googling about its special place in Darwinian theory and all the counter-attacks of the Creationists. I have better things to do, embarking on Day Two of majestic birthday celebrations for Penny, but here are a couple of pics cos it's such a lovely creature. A propos the Darwinian side of things, melanistic specimens are getting rarer and rarer these days. I've not had one here for at least two years.

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