Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Sharp customers

Two natty dressers arrived on Monday night before we headed south to do our duty with the grandchildren, one of them the lovely, almost pristine Pine Hawk shown above - topside - and below - underwings. This was a hawk moth I never saw in Leeds but one at least comes to the trap here every year.

They are often in a rather battered state because the Pine Hawk is much nervier than most of its fellows and flies fast and furiously. I should have remembered this when sorting my posed third shot with the Elephant and Eyed Hawks; by the time, I got organised, the Pine Hawk was whirring its wings in readiness for take-off. Very shortly after I took my blurry photo, it duly scarpered.

The Eyed Hawk was more accommodating as was the other natty visitor, the Grey Dagger shown below in the palm of my hand. To round off with, a couple of micros: one large and very distinctive and I think Donacaula forficella; the other familiar but awaiting ID when I turn in tonight with the Micro-moth Bible.

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