Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Chiaroscuro moth

For the second day running, I bring you a moth which I came across by chance rather than attracted to the eggboxes of my moth trap by means of the irresistible mercury vapour lamp. By happy chance, the lighting on our landing where I surprised this Small Dusty Wave gave the picture a chiaroscuro effect - half light (chiaro) half shade (scuro) in the manner of the photographs below.

The Small Dusty Wave has a special place in my heart, partly for its exceptionally tiny size - it really is small - and partly because of its delicate beauty but also because I have always encountered it near buildings. First on a wall in London's Bloomsbury, then in the garden at home and now just outside our bedroom. The moth books confirm that it is a species which likes to settle down in places such as windowboxes which are comfortably close to us. It seems to like the human race.

I'm gilding the lily by posting so many pictures of the little chap, but I just find the light and dark effect fascinating and satisfying. There'll be more on high quality photography in my next post, with the camera in the hands of a couple of people much younger than me, but more talented.

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