Monday, 11 June 2018

Incy Wincy

We had a succession of big spiders at our house in Leeds which used to come out on to the sitting-room carpet and watch the ten o'clock TV news with us. Eventually they seemed to be put off by too many appearances of Huw Edwards and their appearances grew less frequent.

Few were as big as this character, though, which scooted along our bedroom wall just as we were dropping off to sleep last night. Penny heroically grasped him or her in a jaycloth and flicked it out of the window, but not before sliding a two-pence piece into one of my photos for scale.

Meanwhile we had a happy weekend hosting my younger son and his partner who both took a great interest in the moths. His iPhone is far superior to my iPad and here are some of his pictures of the hawk moths which graced us with visits.

Actually, I shouldn't just credit his iPhone as he is an ace photographer himself and has a book on that curious country - and very newsworthy just now - North Korea coming out this week.  You can read more here and if it's not too pricey, maybe invest.

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