Saturday, 16 June 2018

Bye fly

We've been busy today entertaining friends for an afternoon themed on the Blandford Fly, one of the few serpents in our paradise (if I may mix my species and metaphors). The nasty little pest has pretty much shot its bolt for this year, but we were happy nonetheless to plunge a breadknife into its image on one of my famed superlight Victoria Sponge cakes.

Our guests enjoyed the moth trap and took home three Elephant Hawk moths for local distribution. One of them asked me to identify a moth in a photo on his iPhone, a task which usually makes me quail because of my well-known inability to get challenging species right. This however was easy: a Lime Hawk, or actually two, happily mating on the garage doors of our friend's home in Oxford. Lime Hawks seem to be happy resting on walls during the day. When our older son was a student here, I remember him spotting one sunning itself on a wall in Jericho.

So to the moths and I reckon these two be: top row, Udea lutealis micro (Update: actually I think they are more likely L.olivalis - see next post), bottom left Large Nutmeg (I think), right, Turnip moth (I also think).  And below from top left clockwise: Shoulder-stripe Wainscot, Common Wainscot, Muslin Footman (always looks blurry, even allowing for my camera ineptness) and Grass Rivulet, a nice delicate little moth.

Then in the same order, we have: Coronet, Clouded Silver, Willow Beauty (I think) and a micro, perhaps an Acleris, about which I feel unsure. Update: see helpful comment for suggestions about this.

Finally, another micro which I have nailed: Celypha striana. Help with my ums and ers is always greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin

My first thought for your possible Acleris micro was the Rhomboid Tortrix - Acleris rhombana, but I think its a bit early for that so im plumping for Aleimma loeflingiana.

Martin Wainwright said...

Many thanks as ever - and sorry for the delay, caused by holiday spent partly in the sea and sun, partly stalking vivid Mediterranean fauna.

I shall update the post accordingly

all warm wishes