Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hustle bustle

Moths are everywhere at the moment, thanks to this delicious sunny and hot spell. When I take P the morning tea after inspecting the trap, my various dressing gowns and pyjamas tend to bring in small companions who entertain us as we sip while they flutter round the unfamiliar landscape of our bedroom. Thence they depart to seek refuge in various creepers and wisteria on the outside wall. Altogether a satisfactory arrangement for a moth enthusiast (and his companion who enjoys them too, thank goodness).

Here are some of the current visitors, starting with that delicate scrap of feathery wing, the well-named White Plume, enjoying a digital experience above and below with one of my - and everyone's - great favourites, the shining, glinting Burning Brass. Don't they illustrate the great and varied beauty of the world of UK moths, hidden from most of their human neighbours' eyes?

The same applies to dainty annual visitors such as the Small Rivulet (beautiful, rather Tolkienish name) below and the Common - but uncommonly lovely - White Wave which follows.

And back in the equally beautiful world of my fingers and thumbs, here is the Burnished Brass again, enjoying an outing of the type pioneered by the White Plume.

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