Friday, 21 July 2017

Beauty indeed

All moths are welcome here, so far as I am concerned (and I think that I speak for Penny too, albeit with due deference). But some lift the heart in a special way and one such came this morning: the modestly-sized but glorious Bordered Beauty.

It is near in family to yesterday's equally lovely Maiden's Blush, so I am a happy moth enthusiast at the moment. Neither moth is rare but you will be lucky to see them unless you have dealings with a light trap. No wonder that enthusiasm for the hobby is growing, and with it the country's knowledge of our moths.

The other feature of today's arrivals was that quite a few of them elected to slumber near to the moth trap but outside it, among them the Yellowtail above and the Common Footman at the foot of this post. In between are two of the many slumberers in the eggboxes: an Engrailed (Update: sorry and many thanks to my Commentor below; it's a Willow Beauty. And here am I talking about an increase in knowledge of moths. I find these - and too many other categories of brown/grey types - persistently hard to distinguish. Ah, well...) and an Iron Prominent.


Conehead54 said...

Nice account. Photo showing Engrailed is surely a Willow Beauty?

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi and thanks so much - I blunder again! There are certain categories of moths which I struggle to get right, even after doing this for a long time. So I am really grateful for your help and your taking the time and trouble to come to my rescue. I will update. All warm wishes, Martin