Friday, 14 July 2017

Bran tub

Apologies for a rather disorganised post today but these are the final left-overs from my backlog, some of them yet to be identified and therefore using the kindly internet as a storage cupboard until I can sort them out (or a more expert passer-by does the job for me). They are a ragbag as my title suggests. Pic-n-Mix...

The top one is, I think, a Grey Pine Carpet and the fellow below a Common or Lesser Common Rustic. Then  comes the quite chunky micro Endotricha flammealis followed by a Lesser Cream Wave.

Next comes a Coronet, a Nut-tree Tussock, a Common Carpet and the tiny but jewel-like micro Argyresthia brockeella  peeping shyly at the larger one, Chrysoteuchia culmella (I think).

So on to a Dot Moth, aptly-named, and then a Fanfoot turning its back on a Common Footman, followed by a Grey or Dark Dagger (genital probes required to tell, so we'll leave the question open).

And so to the realm of the (temporarily) unknown. I will find time to sort them out asap.

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