Friday, 8 May 2015

X marks...

I was hoping to bring you an election moth yesterday but rain dashed that. Last night, however, while all the Xs on the ballot papers were being counted, a moth with an X on its back obligingly flew in. It's the Lychnis above, a handsome insect although carefully neutral in its colouring.

The trap's equivalent of the currently rampant Scottish Nationalists was the Swallow Prominent. Five of them - four shown above - formed a clear majority over two Nut-tree Tussocks, two Hebrew Characters and a couple of Flame Shoulders, one below, a new species for the year for me.

The re-election of Caroline Lucas, the UK's sole Green MP and a hard constituency worker down in Brighton, was meanwhile honoured by this pretty little Green Carpet, another 2015 newcomer.

Finally, the eggboxes contained a couple of those alarming-looking but loveable creatures, the darling Bugs of May. BBC Radio is currently having a Kafkafest including a programme which, somewhat tweely, discusses which insect Gregor turns into in Metamorphosis.  I reckon he looked pretty much like this.

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