Friday, 22 May 2015

A Tussocky shade of pale

I'm rather late in reporting today. Retirement life seems busier than when I was working. At all events, it was a great relief when I turned the lamp on this evening and the electrics gave their familiar hum. I'd been worried that I might have broken the bulb when I went to inspect the trap this morning. The reason? I was so startled to see a really nice big moth in residence, after a long spell of meagre catches, that my spectacles fell off my nose and crashed into the mercury vapour bulb.

All is well, thank goodness. And the big moth was a very fine female Pale Tussock - both pics above - a species whose fine size is augmented by outstanding woolly breeches on its forelegs. It isn't rare but how many people ever encounter one?

It shared the trap with my first Cinnabar of the year, above, and the grass around the lamp was also home to a number of slumbering visitors, including this Brimstone Moth, below.

Also new for the year was a Shears moth, known to me as the Secateurs because that is what the little pincer marks on its wings more closely resemble.

As ever, I have a number of browny creatures awaiting identification, below, but I'm prepared to hazard a guess at the nice little micro in the last picture of this post, with its cappuccino colours. I reckon that it's Argyresthia retinella. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Update: I think this and the next on their bordello background (actually a red kneeling pad) are Small Square-spots

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