Saturday, 9 May 2015


Let's think of this chap as a wise old soul contemplating the election results. What he is thinking, I cannot tell, but I do envy him those antennae - one of the few animal characteristics I'd like to see added to the human form, along with the ability to fly (without large wings which would always be getting in the way).

I say 'he' because I can do so with certainty. This is a Muslin Moth and the female is a lovely, pure white. She also shuns the light of traps. Instead she may be seen during the day, scuttling about. Probably shopping.

Only four other moths in the eggboxes last night: two Flame Shoulders, a Swallow Prominent and this newcomer for the year, a Pebble Prominent, named after the two pebbly-looking marks on its neatly-folded forewings. He (or she) is looking thoughtful too.

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