Monday, 4 May 2015

Name game

We took a good friend for a lovely walk yesterday. Good in the sense that she's done much public good, but special to us because she brought us together, and can thus claim quite a share of responsibility for happiness, children, granddaughter and other excellent things.

"There's a butterfly with orange tips," she observed as we strolled along a woody ride. "What do you think it's called?" Penny and I asked. "Orange Tip?" she guessed.

Back at home, the moth in the top picture caught her attention as we examined another sparse haul from the trap. "It looks as though it's wearing specs," I said. "What do you think it's called?" "The Spectacle Moth?" she replied.

An intelligent person therefore as well as a good one.

Last night meanwhile saw me put the trap out very late and there was also a wind blowing, even though the weather has turned much warmer. This morning brought a mere three moths but they included this lovely little Carpet, topside above, lowerside below. A Red Twin-spot, I think.

The other two were a Hebrew Character - a name drawn from its prominent marking resembling the Hebrew letter Nun which also intrigued our friend - and this one below which I am guessing to be a Clouded Drab. A blameless creature, but (as regular readers know) I find their lack of distinctive colouring or pattern annoying.

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