Monday, 20 October 2014

Yoga wasp

Penny does yoga on Monday mornings so I have posted the picture above in her honour. Not that there is any resemblance, but the creature - an ichneuman wasp, is it? - has the slender suppleness which the gentle programme of exercises is said to bring.

I am beyond improvement in such matters but hope I retain some of the spirit of my second photo - my chirpy little moth-enemy the robin, which continues to take an unhealthy interest in my examination of the eggboxes in the morning.  We had a friend staying overnight and I was pleased to show him a Merveille du Jour and a Pink-barred Sallow. But for the rest, we have a brown study today and one which will tax my ID powers later on. Unless, that is, some kindly expert chances to pass by...

Update: And they have! TWO of them, to whom very many thanks, as ever. See Comments for the answer to the riddle these brownish brethren pose.


Countryside Tales said...

They look like Brown Spot Pinions to me. MDJ here this morning too! Yipee :o)

Countryside Tales said...

PS- Fantastic audio of a Death's Head squeaking on this blog:

richard bartlett said...

Hi Martin,

Your first moth is a Brown-spot Pinion.


richard bartlett said...

Hi again,

Sorry but I've just had a closer look and realised that both the first and the fourth photos are Brown-spot Pinions, the rest are all Beaded Chestnuts.


Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks so much both. I am getting lazy in my old age but I think my ID-blindness is incurable, at least without some kind of neuro cell transfer like this amazing breakthrough in Poland. Even after looking at the Bible's pics of the BSP and the BC, thanks to your guidance, I/m not sure I can tell them apart.

Oh well...

Many thanks again