Thursday, 23 October 2014


My title for this post is a little harsh, but of all the places to hibernate, this unfortunate Small Tortoiseshell picked one of the worst. I'm not sure if its wings were actually stuck in the weird economy light-bulb but it wouldn't have enjoyed snuggling in their when the lights were on. They have been recently because we've had guests.

Talking of which, no doubt you know the joke about why Mrs Beebaw woke up to find her house full of aeroplanes? Why? Because she'd left the landing lights on, buddum-tish!

But back to insects. By coincidence, the trap's mighty bulb was topped this morning by the daring caddis fly above. I don't think it can have been there a little earlier, when the light was on. It would probably have melted.

Talking of which, a friend who operates a mercury vapour trap in a built-up area, where neighbours might understandably object to its lighthouse-like rays, has switched to a fine-sounding thing called a Black Bulb. This suppresses the light which humans can see but not the rays to which moths are tuned. He says that he doesn't get as many as before, but catches are decent all the same.

Talking of which - there, I've used the phrase three times which must bring good luck - there were plenty of good things in the eggboxes after a nicely mild night. Here are some of them. I hope to turn the lamp on again this evening.

My first Dark Chestnut of the year
A Beaded Chestnut, I think
Red-line Quaker
Remarkable that this lovely creature and the differently lovely one below are both Green-brindled Crescents

This one is the form cappucina, similarly named to the coffee I had in Kidlington this morning

And now three delicate November or Autumnal moths. I cannot tell them apart

Ah ha! Which moth is this? The Y looks golden but I think it's a Silver. Y, that is

And finally, what is this?


Countryside Tales said...

Green lacewing turning flesh coloured which they do prior to hibernation. Moth box out here tonight, but it's cool and clear...

Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks so much CT and good luck with the moths. By a happy chance, a green Green Lacewing was in my eggboxes this morning All warm wishes M

David Shenton said...

Hi Martin,

Just catching up on the blog front, work been too manic.

Good to see you getting some great moths.

Just wondering if the one you have as RLQ in this post is Brick? The broken sub terminal line seems to fit this species better.