Saturday, 25 October 2014

This makes me very cross

We have been telling friends smugly about our Brassica Policy, to whit: allowing 'cabbage white' caterpillars free range in the summer because the crops would recover when autumn arrived and the butterflies' sex drive ebbed. This appeared to working, in that we've had several meals of crinkly cabbage and purple-sprouting broccoli. But now look what's happened - in my special Extra-Large picture above.

Zounds! The otherwise lovely, mild weather has brought forth yet another brood of the rapacious creatures, and I am too ill-organised to Hoover them all away. There's also the not-so-little matter of their many poos - though as you can see in my second picture, this is really just mildly recycled broccoli. Perhaps it would add a little zest to one of my (in)famous home-made and -grown vegetable soups.

Come dine with me! But it's time to go and inspect last night's arrival at the trap, which I have not forgotten, after yesterday's amnesia. I hope you have a lovely weekend and don't forget, UK readers, that we get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Hooray!


Countryside Tales said...

Oh my goodness! They are very good at making the most of the weather those Whites, aren't they?

THREE MDJs around the box yesterday, pics on blog... :o)

Martin Wainwright said...

Dear me, I've been a long tim replying. Many apologies. I think the cold snap will doom them at last. Ha ha.

I will belatedly catch up with the Merveilles too

All warm wishes, M