Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Piggy back

Colder weather and the return of overnight drizzle didn't make for much of a catch in the trap this morning, but among the seven slumberers was this distinctive moth.

It's an Angle Shades, whose rakish wing shape is perhaps the most dramatic of all UK species. I wonder if one has ever been filmed in flight, to see if the structure gives the moth advantages. Maybe it swoops more elegantly than the average British moth's hectic, late-for-the-train style of dash.

The wing shape can distract you from the beautiful pattern and subtle colouring, even including a trace of my favourite but very rare mothy colour, blue. Here it is closer-up, a view which also reveals a tiny, piggy-backing fly.


worm said...

one of my definite faves! like a scaled down lime hawk

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Worm! Hope you are well. Sorry about the dealy; I've been all over the place (physically and geographically as well as the usual mental confusion).

It's a glorious moth isn't it. I must settle down sometime and find out of aeronautical engineers have ever researched moth wing shapes. They must have done.

All warmest wishes,