Friday, 9 April 2010

When the lights come on again...

We're off! The incomparable Watkins & Doncaster delivered my new bulb yesterday morning early and here it is, shining brightly, while our house gleams cosily in the background with Penny and me dozing off inside in front of Outnumbered and the news. It was a good night thanks to the sudden and lovely arrival of Spring. I've seen 60 of these now and yet I'm still ambushed by the beauty of it all. Amazing how every winter you forget. I went to Sunderland today on election duties and all the way there and back, the surroundings were stupendous. Much as I like daffodils, it was great to see primroses and cowslips on the A19 and the chionodoxas in Sunderland's many parks were just lovely. Aaaah!

My other picture prompts a case of Arthur Koestler-style coincidence. After I'd taken it and transferred it to the computer, I just checked out the comments on this year's first post, below, and then clicked across to Mike Beale's excellent blog Norfolk Wildlife ( and saw that he's also just got a new mercury vapour bulb and is so excited about it, just like me, that he's posted a pic too. My only extra is the remains of my old one, which rolled off our rockery and smashed on the very last day of moth-recording last year, with a satisfying but expensive 'poooof!' as the vacuuum de-vacced itself. I am very bad about organising links to other blogs such as Mike's, or becoming a follower, but I will try to put this right when I have time and possibly a son at home just to help me through the tech steps.

The Morris Minor van incidentally, is for scale although Penny pointed out in her usual practical way that since people will not know whether it is a Dinky toy or a Matchbox one, it is not very helpful. So let me add that it's a Matchbox, in the livery of that great old shop Brown, Muffs of Bradford, alas now gone along with the J B Priestley pie shop. I'm doing a Radio 4 archive hour about Priestley's Postcript broadcasts later this month, and the pies will get their due.


Mike Beale said...

It must be said that it is magical (well for me)looking at pictures of lights. An MV running the the middle of woodland at night is truly a sight to behold !!. Enjoying your blog !!!

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Mike I love the sight of the light too. Actually this photo appealed to me more on ET grounds - a little spaceship far from home, while we are all snug and warm inside, maybe. I'm just going to try a bit of blog-linking now, to your excellent observations first. all v best M