Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Quiet spell

We've just celebrated Tamil New Year with our excellent in-laws. A green woodpecker hopped around their garden in Dorridge, south of Birmingham, which has to be a good omen. I tried to photograph it but failed completely. Ditto my efforts to stalk the first Orange Tip of 2010 back here at home. It was like the badger spotter in The Fast Show; whenever I looked out of the window, the Orange Tip was there; by the time I got outside with my camera, it wasn't. Luckily Radha, mum to our lovely daughter-in-law Abi, has stepped in and sent me this photo of a Peacock which she took with her mobile phone.

Also, as divine punishment for my teasing Steve Thorpe over his nine moths, I got just ONE in the trap the night before last, a solitary Hebrew Character. It was freezing cold which I suspect has sent all sensible moths to re-hibernate for a spell. Lean times. But it doesn't matter. Summer is on the way.

Here's today's brilliant Jessiebug from Borneo. I think (and hope) that's it's old skin, rather than a mate who's been cannibalised.

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