Saturday, 17 April 2010

The spice of life

Another night, another Satellite. And if you compare this one with its much darker relation several posts below, you can see how much variety there can be within a species. This is the bane of already dodgy identifiers such as myself, but adds interest to each moth. Look, even the little moon and its satellites are different from the other one's: orange this time, compared with creamy white. I've been reading a bit more about the Satellite and discovered that although it over-winters as an adult, it only becomes active in milder weather. I know people like that. I guess these two survived the ice and snow by crawling into a nook and staying wisely put.

Meanwhile, another Jessie-photo too. She only realised after checking this lovely pic she took of a bright butterfly in Borneo, that just beside it (above and to the right with the little brown 'eyes') was a 'leaf' butterfly as well. Brilliant camouflage!


Anonymous said...

Thank you mart for helping me showcase the exotic winged creatures of Borneo..i had great fun bounding after them in the hope they would eventually settle long enough for me to snap them!

These two had found a lovely patch of leaves to rest in for a while so i was able to capture their colours and camouflage..unlike the woodland nymphs that looked amazing when they fluttered but never stopped fluttering long enough for me to get them on camera!

look fwd to more northern/malaysian treats!


MartinWainwright said...

Hi Jess - great to have you commenting as well as providing wondrous pics at this dull time of the year for home-grown moths. You did really well out there; and there are plenty more to come. xM