Monday, 14 September 2009

Fun and games

We've been at a wedding in Edinburgh - all go in the marriage world just now, with our own elder son's lovely festivities the Friday before. The moths seem to have caught the social habit. They don't cosy up much in the trap usually, apart from the yellow underwing huddles in the eggbox cones. But this yellow underwing and the Black Rustic seem to have something going. The Black Rustics are extremely handsome and they have started coming in numbers. My moth Bible says that they like ivy and ripe blackberries and we have loads of both.
Meanwhile this Beautiful Golden Y (or is it a Plain one? I can never tell) looks as though it had a thoroughly dissolute night. They are usually neatly perched well away from the other moths with their wings tightly-folded like lawyers' umbrellas. Party time in the Leeds trap...

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