Sunday, 27 September 2009

Excuse me, your slip's showing

The end is almost nigh; I think I will close things down for this year at the end of the week. Even the yellow underwings are dwindling; the catch at the moment consists of assorted small carpets, tortrix micro-moths and Silver or Plain/Beautiful Golden Ys. And Black Rustics, such as this one which was in the trap last night with half-a-dozen relatives. It really is a handsome moth, but you don't normally get to see its underwear - sorry, underwings - as in this case. I tried to get it to show more, as the bishop said of the actress, but it wasn't having any. After a while it recovered from the soporific effects of the lamp and hurtled away. I shouldn't be making these dodgy remarks about knickers, however, since the white underwing is only found in males. The female Black Rustic's are more dusky.

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