Saturday, 13 June 2009

A green light and a green shade

Meet the finest of all the green moths which come regularly to my garden: the Green Arches. Last year, I had little success in photographing these - if you scroll back to July and August, there are a couple of pictures but the specimens were battered and had lost their lustre. Only last week I was moaning, too, about not being able to get a decent shot of a GA which crept right into an eggbox pyramid and hid there. Better luck this time, at least I hope you agree. Continuing my adventures in photography, I've done one straightforwardly and the other with a pocket torch gripped between my teeth like some modern film director. On that score, isn't it great that Bradford has been named as Unesco's first City of Film (in the world). No doubt LA and Cannes will catch up, but hooray for the setting of Billy Liar and birthplace of Simon Beaufoy whose Slumdog Millionaire deservedly got eight Oscars.

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