Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gothic arrival

I'm going to live off yesterday's moths for a few days, like some sort of entomological camel. We've got a friend staying and if I operated the trap, he might be kept awake all night by its unearthly glow. Mind you, our spare room has luminous planets on the ceiling left over from the children's days, so it's already a spooky place to sleep.

This looks to me like a Gothic moth, which is nice because they are another of the species described as 'local' rather than common in Waring & Townsend. There are various other Gothics which look a bit similar but they are even less common, so that's what I'm opting for. It's one of those moths which make you say "Ah!" when you spot them in the trap, because the marking is so distinctive.

Here's a pic of Gothic windows, too, for you to decide whether those responsible for christening the Gothic were correct to do so. I'm afraid there isn't a Perpendicular or Baroque moth, let alone a Post Modern. But there are thought to be plenty of species still undiscovered in remote parts of the world, so wait on.

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