Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bad photograph day

Sorry about the quality of the photographs today, but I've been in London for a mothless trip. I managed this sneak pic of an exhibit at the Royal Academy's summer exhibition, which is a wild and whacky mix as usual. The Guardian critic said it depressed him, but he must be a rather sensitive soul. Exhibit No 787 (out of 1266) for instance is Butterfly Can (Motorised) by Tim Lewis of East London. I wouldn't pay the asking price of £2,800 or anything like it, but it's a fun object, with the butterfly snipped out of the pop can's side, then fixed on the lid and motorised so that it opens and shuts its wings.

Earlier on we chanced on these bees enjoying themselves in Gage Street, off Holborn. I know the world continues to be exercised by the alleged disappearance of bees, but I keep seeing loads of them and feel it my duty to pass such sightings on. A passing woman wondered why I was photographing the pavement with my mobile phone, and we got into a discussion about bee-loud glades. Yes, even in London WC1

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