Sunday, 7 July 2019

Up in the air

Two welcome airborne arrivals here: the first, a graceful and initially completely silent hot air balloon which drifted quietly overhead as I examined the moth trap at around 7am.  It caught my eye in the way that moving things do in your peripheral vision, even if they are only drifting along as sedately as the balloon. A few minutes later, when it was almost directly overhead, it would have given away its presence had I not already seen it,  as its pilot turned on the heat-burner and there was a loud and prolonged Wooooosh!

My second guest was this lovely Peach Blossom moth, one of my favourites ever since I first encountered one as  a schoolboy not yet in my teens. A lovely name and a lovely pattern and colouring. What more could I ask for?

The eggboxes also housed about half-a-dozen specimens of another very pretty moth, the Marbled Coronet. By happy chance, two rather different ones were snoozing almost side by side and here they are:

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