Friday, 19 July 2019

Not an Emperor, but purple enough

My cycling expedition to Bernwood Forest in the hope of seeing Purple Emperors was not successful - albeit rewarded by many lovely Silver-washed Fritillaries. But I am content with my own little Purple Emperors on the veg patch here: the tiny but beautifully-uniformed micro moth, Pyrausta purpuralis. Although micros have failed to ignite my passions, being so small and too numerous and often too similar for my ageing brain, my new iPhone camera has kindled a little enthusiasm.

In former days, for example, I would not have attempted a picture of the little scrap above; but the iPhone turns it into an exquisite mini-dragon, eye and 'beak' and all. It also gets close enough for me to hazard an ID - Chrysoteuchia culmella, I'm thinking.

There continue to be plenty of moths in the trap, most of them predictable, as well as a good number which prefer to slumber on neighbouring plants. Here for example are a Common Emerald and an August Thorn on my spuds and a Brimstone tucked away in the long grass.

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