Friday, 11 August 2017

Wibble wobble

I balanced the trap a little precariously on a wall last night and paid for my bravado by waking at 4.30am in a state of alarm that it might have fallen off and caused some electrical or other drama. I have always shared the fascination shown by children - and cats and other animals - in balancing on walls. Indeed, the practice has a precious place in our family lore because my older sister was once ticked off by a wall-owner who asked her: 'Little girl, what would you say if I came and walked along your wall?' We couldn't think of a reply at the age of six or seven, but the prospect of this portly gent teetering past our windows was enthralling.

It never happened, sadly, but last night I thought that I would heave up the trap on our wall so that it might be spotted by moths in a neighbouring patch of un-mown field where a couple of years ago, a Large Emerald came to the lamp. There was nothing so magnificent last night but at least my early morning worries proved groundless. Here's a nice Dusky Thorn, above, and below are some more of the modest guest-list:

A Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing on my specs case

A delicate Common Wave, clearly getting on a bit but in pretty good nick
A Flounced Rustic
A Garden Carpet, maybe tempted by the meadow

I'm not sure about this chap (or chapess) though suspect he or she is something everyday which I ought to know. So I will check. Update: Dave Wilton of Upper Thames Moths nails it as a Straw Underwing which I should have known. Many thanks D!
And a somewhat indeterminate micro on which I will also have to spend research time. Update: thanks to my kindly Commentor, I am sure that this is Blastobasis adustella, an adventurous little chip from Madeira which arrived in the UK in horticultural produce and has thrived here.


AlexW said...

Wonderful wave moth. Did you see my new comments on the older posts?

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin

Check out Blastobasis adustella for the micro as I think it looks a bit like that from the side. If your picture was taken top-down it would be easier to confirm from the chevron on the back pointing towards the tail end. Maybe looking at a picture of that you might remember having seen It on this moth.

Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks Alex - yes, they were very interesting and I much agree about looking at behaviour and history etc to maintain interest - though I do this primarily for my own pleasure and use, it is good to feel that others enjoy looking at it from time to time.

That's a great help with the micro and I'm sure that you're right after checking it out with Sterling, Parsons and Lewington. Thanks very much - again!

all warm wishes to both


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin

Glad you were able to confirm an ID despite my idiocy in saying the chevron points towards the tail end instead of away from the tail end. Doh! Apologies for this.