Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Tuesday afternoon and the skies are clouding over. Rain is forecast. But nothing is going to stop this Red Admiral butterfly from trying to soak up the last few spells of sun. Even when I crept in close with the camera, below, it wasn't inclined to budge.

So in some things, butterflies and people have habits in common. Certainly, Penny and I have been relishing every minute of the glorious Bank Holiday. That's over now, sadly and the rain has come back.
But rain has never deterred the British holidaymaker and although the Red Admiral will have run for shelter temporarily, you may be sure that she will be back. We are blessed indeed to have such a fine butterfly among our most common species.

If you would like to see them regularly, plant a Buddleia in your garden. The Admirals, along with equally lovely Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells, cannot keep away from the honey-scented violet tresses for long.

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AlexW said...

Perhaps you could post about new mothing techniques, strange patterns, and speculative ideas instead of "winding down" for winter? I imagine that a lot could be accomplished when adult moths are not there to distract you.

Any progress on red flashlights?