Monday, 17 April 2017


After yesterday's excitements, I must return to the more humdrum daily round and record a trio of unsensational but welcome visitors to the trap. At last we had a little rain last night, very welcome to the amateur vegetable gardener and allotmenteer. The ground has been cracking recently like the Arizona desert.

So, here we have the year's first Flame Shoulder, a nicely distinctive moth. Actually my picture shows the year's first two Flame Shoulders, along with that grubby but useful instrument of measurement/comparison, my thumb.  Secondly, I believe the moth below to be an Oak Tree Pug.

My final picture is of a teeny micro-moth on whose ID I am still working. If any passing micro expert can save me the trouble, I will be extremely grateful, as always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin

I would be surprised if you can get a confirmed ID for your micro, but it seems to share similarities with your Depressaria from April 1st. Could it possibly be a worn version of the same?

Martin Wainwright said...

I wonder, but fear that we can never know...

Sorry to have been so oate, catching up with this. Time and moths have been speeding on! All warm wishes as always, Martin