Sunday, 30 April 2017

Stripey - and new

A completely new arrival in my moth trap is relatively uncommon these days, as I start my fifth season of recording visitors. Welcoming one this morning was all the better for having the grandchildren around, although as my fifth picture shows, they were more attracted by a Lesser Swallow Prominent (sorry for the blurring; the moth was comatose; the child was not).

The new-for-me moth, shown in the first four pictures, is a Shoulder Stripe, classified as 'common' but only visiting me for the first time last night.  It is excellently precise markings including those little 'V's on the hindwing. I wonder what camouflage or other value accounts for them. When I went to inspect the trap, it was annoyingly perched on the black bowl which makes photography extremely tricky - see above and below. But luckily it fluttered on to an eggbox, rather than away into the wild, when I nudged it.

One point of interest (as satnav puts it) about this moth is that it has been recorded sipping fluid from rose hips, an interesting taste; rose hip syrup has never appealed to me.  Otherwise the trap had a routine guest list of Hebrew Characters, Clouded Drabs and the like, plus the Lesser Swallow Prominent previously mentioned:

But we had one very interesting visitor of another sort - see final photo.  The granddaughter found an old bag of what is called 'Hedgehog Food' - some kind of little biscuit - and sprinkled it on a flowerbed. It seems to work.

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