Friday, 7 April 2017

Tea time once again

I'm being a bit desultory with the moths this early in the season. But I needn't beat myself up, as in my first years of trapping, I didn't really get going until May.

There are good things about in April, however, and here's one of them. Or rather three - a trio of Early Grey moths, sleekly streamlined and with very handsome patterning, like high quality Harris Tweed. They always make me thing of tea as Penny and I make a pot with two teaspoonfuls of Earl Grey added to ordinary breakfast leaves. Yum!

They are common but make a refreshing change from the poor old Quakers and Drabs which have long since lost any power to excite me.  How mean.  Anyway, if the weather stays reasonable, I plan to light the trap again tonight.

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