Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Something new

It's quite an event for me to get a new moth these days. Immediately after our move from Leeds there were plenty to add to the list, but three years on they are few and far between.

Especially when I am not the brightest button at recognising them. This example makes the point. When it arrived on the night of 6 June I thought that it was a Smokey Wainscot, a moth which I like for both its name and appearance, and that was how I left it on the blog.

Then step forward a couple of kindly commentors. No, they said, this is an Obscure Wainscot, and they were right. Excellent! An even better name with an equally fine combination of shades and patterns on its wings. It's also a relatively uncommon moths, so joy all round. Now we just need Parliament to remind us that we are a representative democracy and throw out the dreadful and damaging referendum.

Anti-democratic? Not a bit of it. Clem Attlee described referenda as "a device for dictators and demagogues." They are banned in Germany, for very good historical reasons.

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