Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I fell into the familiar trap a couple of days ago of being over-familiar with my subject. When I greeted the Ghost Moth which arrived in the trap, I entirely forgot to explain its name.

Since it was a female, with beautiful but not especially ghostly pink and beige colouring - the sort of two-tone scheme beloved of North Korea's current regime (though salmon and teal is their runaway preference), readers may have scratched their heads.

As if in rebuke, the night before last saw a male Ghost Moth arrive in the eggboxes - shown in my first three pics. Hey Presto! The reason for the name is clear.  At least I hope it is. Watching one of these fluttering about at dusk, especially with its added features of a strange swaying flight and goaty pheremones which I mentioned in the previous post, would indeed be a spooky experience. I hope to enjoy it one day.

Just to remind me - and you. A second female also arrived in the trap

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