Sunday, 3 July 2016


Sorry for the inactivity which is not a result of post-Referendum torpor. Rather the reverse.Almost too many moths fly into the trap at this time of year, and I have been summoning up the energy to try to work out what they are.

No such problems with this character, the Buff Tip, which I offer as brief interlude before resuming my labours. Is it a birch twig? Is it a cigar butt? Is it playing Peepo?

Although seldom seen, like most moths, it is common and widespread across the UK and also strikingly sociable in its early years. Its caterpillars eat in groups when they are young, only later striking out on their own and eventually pupating underground - somewhat choosily; they have been observed wandering about for ages before digging in.

Just so that it's not lonely, here is another overnight guest with a very odd shape when at rest: the Pale Prominent.

And finally, a pair of Bright-line Brown-eyes, sociably dozing in adjacent eggbox berths.

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