Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The power of Corbyn

The weather's return to lovely, mild nights continues to bring a good number and variety of moths, among them this natty little Spruce Carpet. Now, your eyes can play tricks but as soon as I set eyes on it, Lo! I beheld the face of the Leader of the Opposition gazing back at me.

Here's the detail and below the real thing to compare it with. There are already websites devoted to the truly impressive number of Corbyn lookalikes in the world (OK, basically senior chaps with beards). But is this the first recorded sighting of the spirit of Even Newer Labour in a moth?

Update: the kindly experts Martin Albertini and Dave Wilton correct me on the invaluable Upper Thames Moths blog, as do Trent's much-appreciated comments on this post. This is actually a Juniper Carpet, a rarer and more interesting species. What, I wonder is the political symbolism of that? And indeed of JC's appearance on BOTH species? 


Trent Duval said...

Martin, your Carpet ain't no Spruce, it is a Juniper Carpet, note the diagonal black lines to the wing tips.
Nice moth

Trent Duval said...

You should have known .... Corbyn and Spruce ? *_^

Martin Wainwright said...

Hi Trent and apols for the delay - I am thoroughly and welcomely corrected. I should have known cos I had the Juniper last year and was uncertain as to whether it was that or a Spruce and sought - and got - the answer on the Upper Thames blog. Ah, memory! You're right about the disjunction of JC and 'spruce' too but interesting that he (or as Dave Wilton suggests) Basil Fawlty appears on both moths...

all warmest