Saturday, 24 October 2015

Feathery fellows

It was nice to see this well-whiskered (or at least antennae-ed) chap in the eggboxes this morning - a Feathered Thorn - and that would have been satisfaction enough for me. But a couple of boxes later, I found another one. Here they are together:

And that wasn't it. A few minutes later, I discovered a third; then a fourth; and finally a fifth. Here they are all together, below, playing happy families. I wonder, genuinely, if that's what they have in mind. Has a female attracted the males for such a little clutch to turn up?

Other berths in the eggboxes were busy too, for example with a pair of exceptionally fine-condition Blair's Shoulder-knots, which surely support the thesis advanced in the comments made on my last post: that this migrant moth has now settled down and made itself a permanent home in the UK.

Also in residence, below, a new arrival for the year here: the Sprawler, which takes its excellent name from the habit its caterpillar has of throwing back its head when alarmed, rather as if it planned to lie back in a large armchair. Dave Wilton, the expert organiser of the unfailingly excellent Upper Thames Moths blog, says that Sprawlers remind him of Blair's Shoulder-knots wearing winter coats and I think that this is very apt. A fine garment with a look of Harris Tweed.

Finally, because I'm being summoned to do other things, here are three other arrivals whose identity I've not yet sorted. I aim to get this done in due course but, as regular readers know, I am never averse to someone more expert lending a much-appreciated, short-cutting hand.

Common Marbled Carpet?
Brown-line Bright-eye with the bright bit of 'eye' dulled? (Wild guess)
Very battered Spruce Carpet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin.

The first half looks good to my eye, but for the last three I would personally pick Common Marbled Carpet, Square-spot Rustic, Common Marbled Carpet.

MartinWainwright said...

Hiya and thanks as always. I think you're right (as usual) The S-s R is one I always overlook. All warm wishes