Saturday, 10 October 2015

A pretty clutch

Penny's away on the annual Women's Walking Weekend with family - strictly female family - in the Lakes, so I am getting up earlier and enjoying more moth time (much as I miss her, needless to say).

This was handy this morning as a nice little procession of moths emerged from the eggboxes including the Red-green Carpet with its perky little tail in my top picture. Here it is below, from a more conventional viewpoint.

It was also nice to get the year's first capucina form of the Green-brindled Crescent, named like the coffee after the brown and cream robes of Capucin monks and effectively a Brown-brindled C. Keeping it company, in terms of colourway, was a handsome Deep Brown Dart, usually much less frequent than October's ubiquitous Black Rustics but giving them a run for their money in my trap this year.

Next we have a Satellite, lovely moth, with its delicate imprint of a Space Invaders alien craft on each wing.  And then my first Red-line Quaker of 2015 - it just shows how much is still around even on these chilly nights.

Finally an immigrant Dark Swordgrass with its dark sword neatly showing on its sheathed forewing. One of the beige forms of the Lunar Underwing is keeping it company.

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