Friday, 19 September 2014

Season of mists

Thank you, Scotland! I shall dedicate a suitable moth tomorrow. But now to current business...

Autumn Moths continue to arrive, some of them suitably russet-coated like this Brown-spot Pinion (I think, unless it's a Beaded Chestnut), below, complete with its fancy striped stockings. I've topped the post with a late survivor of the summer's glories, however, the Ruby Tiger above,  almost aflame with colour ans till out enjoying these warm September nights.

Next we have a micro in autumnal hues, a Large Fruit Tree Tortrix or Arcgips podana. We have a little collection of apples and plums so this is a predictable visitor but no less welcome for that.

Now for a trio of Lunar Underwings, a moth with a rich variety of colourways as shown here

And finally a quartet of Beaded Chestnuts - or are they Brown-spot Pinions?

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