Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Excellent turnout on the month's last day

Some lovely moths arrived this morning including one of my top favourites, the Frosted Orange above. Running it close for intricate patterns and satisfying colours is the capucina form (like the coffee and for the same reasons) of the Green-brindled Crescent, below.

I thought I had a double when I first looked at the next moth, heading for shelter on our garden table. It looked initially like the standard form of the G-b C. But it was smaller and on closer study proves to a Brindled Green, a relative as well as having such a similar name. Again, the smattering of greens is particularly lovely.

The next sequence of three pictures resembles a police 'Wanted' poster. The chance doesn't come too often to portray a moth from a range of angles, like the possible criminals. But this morning the nicest form of that immensely varied moth, the Common Marbled Carpet, did the business most efficiently: top, bottom and sideways on in the 'butterfly' resting position. Note the final picture's beady eye.

To emphasise the point about this moth's variability, here below is another form which was slumbering in an adjacent eggbox this morning.

Another welcome arrival was the year's first Red-line Quaker, below, an autumnal moth whose caterpillars eat catkins. The red line gives its otherwise austere appearance a bit of dash, don't you think, like a Puritan young woman adding a ribbon to her demure outfit.

Finally, another tortrix micro to add to the procession which have crept through these online pages. This one is the Garden Rose Tortrix whose other form, without the dark bell shape on the white 'shirt' was featured several posts ago.

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