Friday, 15 August 2014

Spindly souls

Long, thin moths are the order of the day this morning. I am using the adjectives in proportion as none of this half-dozen is more than a couple of centimetres long, but on their own terms they are spindly indeed.

They were the most interesting residents in a very modestly-populated trap, whose macro population consisted largely of Flame Shoulders with a few other noctuids snoring away alongside. Times are relatively unrewarding but there will be nice things out there. Judging by last year's posts, the Old Lady and the Red Underwing should be in flight; their names make them sound like a couple of villains from Dickens teetering along between alehouses in London.

Today's moths are (I think...) Catoptria falsella at the top with three Agriphilia selasellas coming next and finally a couple of Crambus Perlellas. But I may be wrong and welcome a return to the paths of righteousness from one of my friendly experts, if so.

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