Friday, 22 August 2014

Damp but cheerful

Yesterday's tribute to the robustness of moths in poor weather bears repetition today.  By 9.30pm last night, the rain was drumming on the roof and I almost decided to switch the lamp off. I didn't, because I have been trapping rather perfunctorily in the last two weeks, and I'm glad that I took that decision because there were plenty of residents this morning. About 150 in fact, rather more than the previous night.

Looking around the self-seeded marigolds next to the trap, I also saw a pleasantly large number of 'semi-residents', including the Poplar Hawk in fine condition which you can see in my first two pictures; at the top, in the background behind an Angle Shades whose rakish profile always catches my eye; and then in splendour on its own.

Another marigold housed the Treble or Lesser Treble Bar above and a third had this lovely carpet moth; only a Common Marbled Carpet, I think, but patterned and coloured in a way so subtle and intricate that you can feast your eyes on it for ages. I've put in a bonus picture for you to do just this.

As for the rest, assorted sorts of yellow underwing toppled the Flame Shoulders from top place in the numbers chart although the latter came a very respectable second. Also there: Spectacle, Green Carpet, Common Plume, Shuttle-shaped Dart and the various forms of annoyingly brown and grey rustics at which I've had by usual stab; confirmation or correction welcomed as ever.

Square-spot Rustic

And again, in a different colourway

Vine's Rustic

And lastly, Flounced

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