Monday, 5 May 2014


We went out to neighbours last night and when we came in, Penny turned on the lights and then said: "There's a moth on your trousers." Rather than being an elaborate code for zip or buttons being insecure, this was true; one of the Brimstone moths whose daring spirit and love of freedom have caught my attention before was perching behind my knee.

It fluttered off before we code photograph it in situ and did several cartwheels round the light before settling on a wall as shown above. Inspired by this and because the night seemed a little warmer than Saturday, I changed my mind about not lighting the lamp and went outside and set the moth trap.

There was only one moth in residence this morning, along with the startling-looking Ophion Fly at the top of this post. But it was a good one, a Poplar Hawk.  They seem to come when the trap is placed at one end of the lawn, and not when it's at the other. I mentioned the crimson patches on their underwings a couple of posts ago and after a little shaking of the eggbox, this specimen kindly showed them - a clear warning device. Keep off!

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