Friday, 16 May 2014

Pink cheeked

A pretty moth with an appealing name was dozing on the rim of the trap's bowl this morning - the year's first Maiden's Blush. As well as its prominent red line and dusty freckles, it has a delicate glow on its wings. The combination is lovely.

Actually, I did find
this pic, accurately
captioned: Too much
I Googled idly in the hope of finding a real life blushing maiden, but the Image search inundated with me with pictures of a rose called Maiden's Blush. More usefully, I found this recipe for a pudding called Blushing Maiden on an excellent website called Brot & Bread, where it goes under its fine-sounding German name of Errotende Jungfrau. Since it's a Prusdsian speciality, I feel justified in using the common modern imperative - Enjoy!

Another nice new arrival for the year was this Clouded-bordered Brindle, below.  There was also an interesting Footman, of which more tomorrow.

I've got to make an early start this morning, so for now will just bung up a few pictures of annoyingly difficult moths to ID which were also in the trap. Maybe a passing expert will come to my aid. Otherwise I will struggle away with the books and the web and sort things out later.

Yet another Red Twin-spot Carpet? Update: Nope, it's a Common C - many
thanks to Ben in comments, and for the IDs below

I fear the me-muddling Rustics have arrived. Update: But this is actually a 
Small Square-spot

Ditto  Update: Yes, it's a Rustic Shouder-knot with rather unusual colouring

And ditto again  Update: No, it's a Large Nutmeg.  A nicely varied crew, all in all


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin.

A bit pushed for time.

Here are a few id's for you.

The Carpet is Common
The next one is Small Square-spot
Next, Rustic Shoulder-knot variation

Last one, is a Large Nutmeg.

A good variety, well done.
Catch up soon.

Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks so much Ben. I'd got the Rustic Sh-k but the others had me at my wits' end. Much appreciated as ever. All warmest, M