Sunday, 4 May 2014


The Muslin moth is the only species braving the current very cold nights in any numbers, so here's one again. But I don't apologise for repetition as he is showing a feature which I haven't caught in previous pictures this year: his fine yellow-lined breeches.

I've remarked before on the lovely patterning and gentle colour of this moth, which dressmakers must surely have noted. Do you agree that the yellow adds a becoming dash to the generally modest tone? A
hint of fire.

I say 'he' because the female Muslin is entirely different, as white as her relative the White Ermine. She really is modest, though, even timid. She does not come to light.

Finally, a different animal and not a wild one, currently visiting our area on a narrowboat. I say 'a' but look carefully. It's either Cerberus or there are two.

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