Monday, 21 April 2014

You've never seen moths like this before

Lots of family have been here for Easter and they've coincided with a positive plague of unusual insects tucked in hiding places around the garden.

What they are is a mystery I have yet to unravel but I haven't been using the moth trap. The mercury vapour lamp is so powerful that I think they would melt.

They have come to a different end, equally sad for them. But not for us.


Countryside Tales said...

Hilarious! Good luck with id'ing them (although now they've been squashed I think you'll struggle....).

I got into bed last night and very nearly squashed a red spotty chicken, and that was after the Easter Bunny had left a replica of himself in a tree for me too :-)

I got a Lunar Marbled Brown (or is the other way round, I forget) a couple of days back- beautiful moth and one that doesn't often occur beyond the south. Just wondered if you'd had one before?

Bennyboymothman said...

I'll get my Collins guide to British Insects out...o wait!

Martin Wainwright said...

Good luck Ben... Hope you get one in your garden soon

Congrats on the LMP CT - I'll check my records; I think I've only seen them on an outing to traps in a forest miles from anywhere. Glad you didn't squash the chick - sounds as though you had a great Easter

all warm wishes, M