Saturday, 26 April 2014

Weaving about

These are damp times for moth enthusiasts and there were only two visitors in the eggboxes last night. One was a Flame Shoulder hiding coyly in a cone but the other was a welcome newcomer for the year.

This is a Shuttle-shaped Dart whose encouraging spread northwards from its old southern strongholds was a welcome feature of my time in Leeds. I always like it because of the textile connection. We have an old weaving shuttle of the sort which used to crash too and fro in woollen mills, a process so deafening that most employees of the older generation could lip-read.

The patterning on the moth is wonderfully intricate and probably plays a confusing role in camouflage, like dazzle patterns with their unexpected shapes and angles. In spite of this, I took pains to hide it from an inquisitive robin which has clearly sussed the trap's possible role as a rather fine buffet breakfast.

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