Thursday, 24 April 2014

Handsome is

Two new arrivals in the trap this morning, one of them this very handsome Iron Prominent with its lovely rust-coloured markings. It's timely because Penny and I spent part of yesterday sanding rusty gutters. I don't like rust any more than the next householder but it can come in pretty shades.

At the other end of the size scale was this Least Black Arches, smaller than some micr-moths but still officially a macro. Slumbering beside these were two types  of the other three Prominents which have come here so far - one Pale and three Pebble Ps - along with a Streamer, a Flame Shoulder, four Clouded Drabs, two Powdered Quakers, a Hebrew Character and three Brindled Beauties.

One of the last, although in excellent condition otherwise, had these curiously symmetrical bare-looking patches on its forewings. Is this the result of bird attack or other damage> Or a deformation or problem emerging from the pupa?  Any thoughts most welcome.

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