Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hello again pals

More of the same this morning, but I thought we could look at them from different angles. Here's another Blair's Shoulder Knot, for example, at ease on his eggbox. He reminds me of the Lion King (or, it must be said) possibly the Lion Queen. Sexing moths is generally a specialist business.

And here's another Feathered Thorn showing his (or her) 'eyebrows', almost Denis Healeyish in their magnificence. Imagine if Healey had antennae too, like these.

Finally, the regulars - the above plus Yellow-line Quakers, a December Moth, caddis flies and half-a-dozen Red-green carpets, had also invited this Spruce Carpet to their sleepover. It was another warm night but with quite a bit of rain, which seems to affect moths' flying much less than cold.


Stokelymort said...

Your Feathered Thorn this time Martin is a Male, or has he grown a moustache for the charity "Movember"

Anonymous said...

I wonder!

Thanks v much. I'm largely shutting up shop now (mon 12th Nov) but will prob light the lamp every fortnight or so. Winter Moths, here we come...

All warm wishes and thanks so much again for your help. Will I ever learn..?