Friday, 9 November 2012

Dead to the world. Hic...

Morning! A warm and dry night and some fine moths as a result. Let's start with another good example of effective camouflage from one of my top late autumn visitors. You'd have to be a clever bird to find this Mottled Umber tucked away among the fallen leaves.

Now to the student drunks, which is how I think of the most comatose dozers in the trap. There were five December Moths - another very fine late season visitor - and here they all are.

Notice something funny about the one at the bottom right? Yes, it's keeled over completely, as I remember doing when I was young and green in alcoholic judgement...

Here's a picture I came across the other day, just to buttress that point. It was in Ireland in 1969 and I can tell you about the horse some other time.

Equally squiffy, how about this Yellow-line Quaker which slid from its eggbox into the grass without moving a muscle, oblivious to all but its dreams.

It seems appropriate that one of the December Moths when observed from an unusual angle, below, much resembles a tent.

These stars of the night's party were joined by a couple of humbler guests. First this Common Marbled Carpet of the rather striking 'orange blotch' variety. The main form has a more dignified overall patterning, but I like the boldness of these ones.

And finally a humble Tortrix micro of some kind, which I will identify this evening before falling asleep in front of the TV. They also serve who only sit and concentrate quietly on looking grey, or brown.

Update - many thanks to the incredibly knowledgeable Ben Sale of Essex Moths who identifies this as Acleris shalleriana, adding that this one is very like its relative sparsana in appearance.  Delving into such detailed joys will form part of my impending retirement.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin.
Thanks for your kind comments. Yes nice to add Red-green Carpet to my new garden list, very common where I use to live on my parents farm.
You seem to be doing very well sir, I haven't heard any reports around here of more than 8 moths per night, the 16 of 10 species I had the other night was hardly believed! It has been the worst year on record for some people, but for others (I wont shout too loudly otherwise I will upset) like me, I have done rather well on many occasions.
You are Always welcome for id's although I have less time for the internet now that my girlfriend and I have bought our first house together.
You must do some more news on moths in the newspaper, if you ever need any contributions, then let me know.
All the best

ps. Your Tort looks good for Acleris shalleriana, very sparsana in appearance.

Martin said...

Hey congratulations to you both!

I guess that, like Penny, your girlfriend is prepared to put up with moths

Or maybe she's a fellow enthusiast

Anyway, thanks again - and for that tortrix ID. It does seem good here though it's gone cold today and that keeps them at home

all v best as ever