Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Up from the grave?

"She is not dead. but sleepeth." That was the case with Jairus' daughter. I can't say for sure whether it also applied to our ditched Southern Hawker (see yesterday's post), but we certainly have one back. It was zipping around yesterday afternoon in the sunshine, in that purposeful way that dragonflies have. Then it settled on some wild strawberries and munched the remains of fly whose wing can be seen on its head.

Carnivorous indeed. Its jaws were working away so busily, above the little basket formed by its legs in which it holds its prey, that it took no notice of my ever-closer camera. Penny had reverently laid what we thought was the corpse of the one in the pond on a nearby stone, and it isn't there any more. Has it revived, or is this one a pal?

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